Sun 22 Jan 2012
No Less Than All released 1st Feb 2012

Album launch imminent; news on video, photo shoot, vinyl, and some reviews already in

The album is released 1st Feb. I'll be in Leipzig once more, on February 4th, for a launch night at Theater Fabrik. There'll be similar events and further concerts in Bradford, Vienna, London and my hometown, Sheffield. And others that will be announced in time...

I am currently frantically learning how to loop the songs I've written for the new album! This weekend has been a little crazy, with a video shoot from Outra Fronteira happening simultaneously during a photo shoot with Chris Saunders. The vinyl manufacture of No Less Than All is currently underway. Thanks so much to everyone involved with those, for your talent, hard work, sense of fun and open-mindedness with all proceedings.

Here are some quotes from reviews of No Less Than All that are already in:

The intimacy of "No Less Than All" is similar to a loved one whispering tales of deceit, despair and determination into your ear all at the same time”  - Peter Marks, Brutal Resonance USA - Jan 2012

"a smooth, powerful impression, and the energy level is certainly one of the highest of all Sieben publications. Howden exudes great clarity, transparency in the sense of perfect vision, especially lyrically. Why the pop world has not discovered him yet... with his sympathetic, intelligent and quite trendy charm is a mystery to me.” - Michael We, Nonpop, Germany Jan 2012

“the main star is Matt Howden’s ever changing violin, played with incredible virtuosity, filling every movement with undeniable energy. No Less Than All is a strong album” - Jiituomas, Kuolleen Musiik, Finland - Jan 2012

“No Less Than All is the strongest ever Sieben album” - U.S. African Paper, Germany - Jan 2012

“No Less Than All's... rich sound is always fascinatingly imbued with an aura of seriousness, elegant coloured lights glowing. Here is a world on the brink of explosion, its foundations collapsing. - Aloysius, Asso-Trinity, France - Jan 2012”


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